Welcome to the Guadix Cave Dwellings Interpretation Centre Blog’s!

We invite you to learn about the Guadix Caves Neighbourhood, in the province of Granada, Andalusia. Let’s start a journey to its roots, discover its evolution in the history, learn how people lived and live, experience its traditions and craft professions… and many more interesting details by the hand of Pedro, the Master Digger of Caves, together with other characters. They will accompany us during our visit, in order to help us remember the daily life of these unique cave dwellings in a none-too-distant past. It reminds the Cruz Úbeda family (1928-1980), the last owners of the housing preserved for the visitor’s knowledge and use, while keeping our deeper roots.

Without doubt, it is a place for discovering the best-kept secrets in the inner depths of this land with enormous landscape contrasts.

Guadix Cave Dwellings Interpretation Centre, which is managed by the Department of Tourism of the City Council of Guadix, is located inside several original cave dwellings, in an exceptional settlement of the Guadix Caves Neighbourhood.

See you at Guadix Caves, Where The Land Embraces You!